Just a little about me…

 I like to wear skirts.

I have always been a girly girl. Even as a little girl I liked to dress up. When I lived in Cleveland, I dressed up quite a lot. I had girls nights out, dates and just time out with friends. So I got in the habit of wearing skirts and dresses. And I liked it. It just makes me feel good to wear them. I feel more feminine and pretty. And now to this point in my life, I don’t even own very many pairs of pants. Just a couple of pairs and then few pairs of lounge pants.

I like to being barefooted. 

I like socks as I said in another post. And I love shoes (have more then my closet can handle). But ultimately I come in the door and I kick off my shoes. I like to be at home barefoot. When fall arrives, I love the cool crispness that allows for sweaters and warm socks. But I also get sad because I can’t just be barefoot as much.