I love the idea of packaging gifts in unique pretty ways. My problem is often I am rushed and don’t get time to package things exactly how I wish. I try often though. And all these beautiful examples give me inspiration to try more often.

1. From Martha Stewart – using black and white images as gift toppers I think is such a great idea.

2. From Nice Package Blog – which is one of my favorite blogs! They used to be a shop when they first started the blog but sadly aren’t anymore. But they do showcase and have several tutorials on gift wrapping ideas to make the package very pretty. The flower in the image is one of their tutorials. It is made from wax paper.

3. From – This is a package of bread wrapped in saran but then set in coffee filters and wrapped with a ribbon. How easy!

4. From Martha Stewart – I like the linen with the frayed edges.

5. From Sweet Paul Magazine – Gifts wrapped in craft paper and then the toppers are buttons on wire, yarn pom-pom and vintage hat ornament glued on the package

6. From Nice Package Blog – paper pom poms tutorial