Dr. Brene Brown

I have a button on the sidebar over on my Michael and Darby blog that says “I choose authenticity.” It is from Brene Brown’s site. And I love the statement that went with it. Yes that is what I want. In 2011 it is something I am working towards.

But really what I found interesting is that I put that button up on this blog a while ago. Maybe over a year ago. But I forgot about it. I forgot what the statement on the website said. And now I have come across people quoting Brene Brown, people posting youtube videos of her, talking about her books or about seeing her speak and so on – all over the web it seems I have stumbled upon people talking about Brene Brown. It was like someone was trying to remind me about the button and also trying to tell me to read one of her books as I had been told that a few times in the past. So I do have a book by her on hold at the library. But the thing that made me go finally put request the book was this video that I stumbled upon somewhere while surfing a few days ago and I can’t figure out where now. Sorry!