I Thought It Was Just Me

I am soaking up everything Brene Brown writes and says. Yesterday she was on VoiceAmerica Talk Radio Network – Real Recognition Radio and I have played it several times – link to her interview.

I really want to be reading The Gift of Imperfection but the library doesn’t have it. But they had her other book I Thought It Just Was Me – that is about shame. And although I know have shame – I felt that the other book would be better for me at this time. But I was wrong. I am sure the other book will be great for me as well but this book I think is very helpful for me right now too. I am only a chapter in have several flags in it. Many of her definitions have been like light bulbs for me. The illuminate many places in and how those experiences have effected me today. Even in my art which is why I wanted to read The Gift of Imperfection because I suffer with it having to be perfect.

I am sure I will have a lot of flags sticking out of this book by the time I am done with it.