Valentine’s Day celebrating Love

Today is about spreading love and kindness to others so when we thought about what we could do – we thought of something we did a couple years ago with Operation Nice and that was to leave random notes saying nice things all around town. But this time I wanted to promote So I made up some little notes that had Spread Love & Kindness on the top with the Spread Generosity web address on the bottom and then Michael and I hand wrote out little messages on them.  We then took and left Love &  Kindness Notes all around Grand Junction.

We saw one person read a note I left on a table outside a coffee house.  He smiled when he read it so I guess that counts as spreading love and kindness as we gave some a good enough feeling that he smiled. I hope people that encounter them get a little joy from our notes. We hope it helps their day be bit better – maybe enough that they will  pass on some love and kindness to others so that it spreads.

As my beloved said today, over the years we have come to realize that love comes in so many forms and Valentine’s isn’t really about celebrating only the love of lovers, but celebrating the love in the world and around us in just so many little moments throughout our day.

Here are a few photos from our day….