Be Me

I am a big Liz Lamoreux fan. I have her book Inner Excavation and feel it helped me get unstuck in creating again.  I get her newseltter and often it says just what I am needing to hear in that moment. Her newsletter of January 22nd was one of those.

Quote from it….”We all need a space where we can just be us. A space where we aren’t in charge. Where we feel safe enough to unearth this true essence inside us. A space to be the quiet one or the one who gives the biggest hugs or the one who invites others to dance or the one who simply nods and listens murmuring “yes.” A space where we can connect with other like-minded souls.” ~ Liz Lamoreux

That space often is just with me inside me – quite, taking deep breathes and doing what feels right in the moment. But also it is with a group of friends. Twenty thirteen brought me a circle of friends that I haven’t had since moving to Grand Junction.  It is the first time I have felt like I have a space to be me.  It is a space to be me in art, be me in laughter, be me in silliness, be me in deep discussions, be me in connection and vulnerability.  I am truly thankful for the great group of friends that came together in 2013 and grow closer in 2014.

Photo from Amy Brown Fairy Cards – a tarot reading done on the 19th.