My friend Kathie gifted me an e-course: Hibernate.  First Thank You Kathie for being so kind and giving.  It is just what I needed right now. The Hibernate e-course is about taking rest in the winter to nourish, gather, renew, create and rest.  I am looking forward to taking it.

It is odd that it has taken me so long to be okay being me. Really it started when I was 40.  I am now 46 and still not quite where I am comfortable being me completely.  I want to take this time in this class to do all the things it suggest – nourish, gather, renew, create and rest so that I can create a clear vision of what work I need to do next.

Some day’s it is easy to fall back into old habits and old ways of thinking.  But I know I feel better about myself and life when I keep walking the path I started on at 40 and hope to see more solid and clear in the years to come. I am hoping my 50’s seem more completely in myself.