Creative Manifesto


This prompt would have made me so nervous a couple years ago. I would have skipped this prompt a couple years ago.  Maybe it wasn’t the right time then. Maybe it just would have been a different manifesto then it is today. But I know it is positive that today’s creative manifesto just came out. I think I could add to it, but this is just what I jotted on the paper without deep thought, just speaking from the heart and soul.


My Creative Manifesto: My Soul’s desire is to create.  Creating art opens me to the Universe. Art allows me to be mindful and present to the gifts of life around me. Art allows me to express myself in sadness and joy. Art makes me feel open, alive, joyful, and full of light and love.  Art heals. By letting art out, I let peace and love in. Moved to a place free of judgment and accepting of all that comes out when I create. My spirit feels free and awake. My spirit grows and expands. I am home.