Inner Tapes Playing


Photo outside of Lake Tahoe

Waiting to come out of the fog and see myself more clearly.


I  love creating.  Sitting with my art journal in front of me a handful of supplies is the best feeling in the world to me.  I am on the road though and can’t be sitting with my art journal.  This trip, my love and I are taking, is packed with his work appointments and I am helping him set up and take down equipment.  So although there is some down time for me where I could zentangle, doodle or draw – I fear, I won’t get anything done. I am feeling guilt over that.  Things banging around inside my head – “Here I packed a travel art kit and now I won’t even use it. That’s lame.”   “See you aren’t an artist you can’t even create everyday like most artists do.”  Yep, I am hearing those kind of tapes playing.

But here is what I am saying back to those tapes…

I am an artist.

I am a creative being without sitting in my studio creating art.

I am art all on my own without paper and pens.

See something I have been I have been doing is writing little one line poems and taking a ton of photographs.  I don’t need to sit at my art studio table with my art journal in front of me to create.  I have a million little ways  see art around every day of my life even in the mundane daily routine.

My mantra for today is giving myself permission to not to be upset or feel badly about not creating.  Because as I just said above there are many ways to be creative. Just being in the moment and being present will show me beauty, joy, and art all around.