Lasting Impression

I was tagged by a friend on Facebook to list 10 books that stayed with you in no particular order.  I love books so I couldn’t stay with the rules – instead I have 12 books.  Two not pictured in the photograph.

All of these books have stayed with me for various reasons…mostly they spoke to me in some way.

Outlander series – Diana Gabaldon
Eat Pray Love  – Elizabeth Gilbert
All books by Paulo Coehlo
Life as a Verb – Patti Digh
The Mermaid’s Chair – Sue Monk Kidd
Home Comforts – Cheryl Mendelson
Inner excavation – Liz Lamoreux
poem crazy – Susan Woolridge
Brave on the Rocks – Sabrina Ward Harrison
A Return to Love – Marianne Williamson
The Four Agreements – Miguel Ruiz
The Gifts of Imperfection – Brene Brown

So just going to focus on a few of these a little more…on why they stayed with me…

The Mermaid’s Chair by Sue Monk Kidd is about a woman who is on a journey of self-discovery.  I happened to read it when I was really starting my next journey of self-discovery. I had been stagnate in moving forward for quite some time as I was focused on my love and his business.  So this book spoke to me about my own journey.

Home Comforts by Cheryl Mendelson  goes into the art and science of keeping a house.   Mendelson is very thorough in this book. It covers everything from how to store silverware, stain removal, making a bed, caring for books and so much more.   I don’t live and breath this book. But this book is my go to when I am needing know information about a cloth and how to clean it, how to clean stone or metal surfaces, information on seasonal cleaning and so on.  It just it a good reference for a keeping a home.   I have taken what I need from the book and left other information alone. This book has stayed with me , because I open it up about once a month using the information and because it allowed me to feel okay that enjoy cleaning, organizing, and creating a happy home.

poem crazy by Susan Woolridge has stayed with me because it allowed me to not be afraid of poetry.  It also started my beloved and myself on a wonderful date night experience.  I was reading this book in a waiting room.  I was about to go into get an x-ray so handed my love the book to hold on to when my name was announced to go back.  He ended up reading some of the book and our ride home was interesting as he proposed us doing poetry dates.  We listed about 30 places around town to go and sit and write poetry.  We would go the place we thought might be interesting such as taking a walk down our main street.  After, we sit down,  write poetry,  and read it to each other.  We don’t have any rules on what the poetry has to be about.  We just let ourselves be inspired by our surrounding.  I have filled up a  notebook with our poetry date poems.  It has been lovely to be creative with my handsome man.  His poetry is so delightful and lovely – it always makes me smile.  So this book has stayed with me, but also my relationship.

Inner excavation by Liz Lamoreux ,   I picked up at the library initially, but within reading just a few pages of this book, I knew I needed to buy it. I am a mixed media artist that had backed away from almost everything I loved in life due to grief and this book helped bring me back to creating again. It sparked inside and I am so thankful that Liz Lamoreux for writing and putting this book together.