Prepare Your Space


Today’s prompt is to prepare my space to be creative. Something I have learned in the last year is to not wait for the perfect space to create.

My studio had at one time become just a storage room. Anything that didn’t have a home was placed in it.  My work table was covered not with art supplies and art work instead just “stuff.”  My love Michael told me it needed to stop.  Which of course was easier said than done as there was a reason it had become that kind of room and we are outgrowing our home. So that meant a time to purge throughout our whole house.  I am still in the process of purging.  Hanging on to those things we really use or have sentimental value.  

My studio isn’t quite where I want it yet. But it is closer and I did find some items at Ikea that I picked up to help with organizing it better.  In addition to organizing it to make it usable for me – I needed to make room for another person as my kindred spirit Wendy is going to use it as her creative space also.  So together we are working on making it a useable  and inspiring creative space. Our intention to get it set up this autumn so it is ready for the winter to create and enjoy it. 

But as I said above I have learned to not wait for the perfect space and that was good for me to allow myself to create where I can – even if it is at the kitchen table, in a coffee shop, or in the car on the road like I needed today.  Today’s creative space comes from the beautiful Colorado landscapes outside the car window and my phone camera. See that heart in the cloud… Magical creative and inspiring moment.