52 Weeks Photo Project



The last two years I have participated in 52 Weeks Photo Project.  Basically you take a photo a week.  Sometimes people follow prompts, but I just take whatever happens across my lens for the week.  When I started it last year, I didn’t take as many photos as I now do so that is why I opted for the 52 Weeks Photo Project instead of the 365 Photo Project.  Now days, I do take photos everyday, but mostly it is for my Project Life.  So just taking daily life shots. I use 52 weeks to pick out a photo or sometimes a few photos that I thought were really good for that week.  Some weeks end up with a Project Life type photo because some weeks that is all I take. But mostly it is scenery, nature or artistic photos.  Click on the banner above to take you to the photos I have taken so far this year.