Art Journaling Supplies


I go in cycles with my art supplies.  I will get hooked on how some supplies feel when I apply them to the paper of my art journal and then use them over and over again for several layouts.  These are supplies I am really enjoying right now:

Scissors – to cut ephemera

Sharpies – especially that black Professional sharpie that writes on wet surfaces and white oil paint sharpie

Paint – I use inexpensive paint in my art journals as they aren’t needing to last forever.  I use white paint so often I have a big big bottle of Golden white paint that I pour into that larger squeeze bottle. Also in the background you will see a spray paint.  It is a little water and acrylic paint in a spray bottle.

Rubber Stamps – the one in the photo I was given years ago in an artist swap.  A bunch of artists swapped supplies and ephemera and that rubber stamp was in one of my packages.  I honestly think I have used it just a couple times over the years. But in the last few weeks, since being to the ocean, it has popped up in my art journal more.

Stapler – I sometimes like the look of bits of paper stapled instead of glued

Glue Sticks – again in my art journal I use a lot of glue sticks instead of using gel medium which I use when creating a piece outside my art journal

Bubble Wrap – I love the texture it gives when I dip it into paint and press it to the paper

Old Credit Cards/Gift Cards – those fake credit cards you get in the mail that say “your name here”  on them or old gift cards – I use instead of paint brushes.  I am especially loving them lately when I layer paint on with them. Oh the layers come through and create a lovely texture

Oil Pastels – These again are inexpensive and I love the layering I can create with the colors.  I like to apply them to the paper and then use a soft cloth or sponge to smear them.  When doing this on textured layers of paint, it enhances the texture.