Simple Art Journal Backgrounds


darbycaseygiftcardThis is my favorite way to do backgrounds.  I didn’t use one brush on these backgrounds. I used an old gift card and those fake credit cards you get in junk mail that says “your name can be here” on them.

I do this a few ways depending on the amount of paint I want to be using.  If I am wanting a large area covered then I squirt some paint straight on to the paper and then spread it around  with the card. I scrap it up and down and to the edges.  As it builds on the card, I make sure to lay the card flatter to the paper as I pull it across the page.

I am really bad about waiting for layers to dry, but it works better of course when you wait for them to dry before adding another color.

If I want less color, then I just put a little on a palette and run the card across that or I put  just a few dots of color right on the card and then run across the page.  Such as in these first 2 photos below: I  put just a few dots of metallic gold paint on the card and then smeared it across the pink and blue.

The second photo, I had white on a palette and ran it through the paint. I run the edge through the paint and then across the page to get those long lines.  I smeared purple over the white after it had dried to make it blend in to the page more.

I keep layering the paint until I get the right color combination and textures on the page.  This art journal the paper wasn’t good so it wrinkled at times with the layers of paint. But for my art journals, it is more about the process and getting out what I need to in the moment. Sometimes layering the paint is therapeutic all on it’s on and other times it is just a simple way to get a background so that I can get to the things I really need to express on top of that page.

Examples of backgrounds using this technique:

darbycaseybk5 darbycaseybk6darbycaseybk7 darbycaseybg1 darbycaseybk2 darbycaseybk3 darbycaseybk4


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  1. Monica

    It’s so much fun! And I love the look of these backgrounds- not super messy, yet very interesting. Hope you’re going to finish all of those pages soon, and share with us. I find your journals thought- provoking and inspiring.

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