I am…

In the book PoemCrazy by Susan Wooldridge, she suggests the I am poem. Using I am as a the prompt to create a poem. I like doing this at different times in my life just to document where my self view is at the time.  I have one on the website right now that I did about 2 years ago.  I view it as me over all. It represents my life in over all in general terms.  April is National Poetry Month and doing an I am poem sounded like a good idea.  This one  will be off the cuff without thinking to hard. Just jotting down what I feel in right in this moment of late night ramblings.

I am…
cultivating compassion towards myself even during the darkness
a star shining in the darkness
seeking light
worthy of light and love
exhausted in repeating it
I am…
torn and tattered
yet I know I am…
calling to the magic
uncovering the light
to cultivate growth
and celebrate joy in little steps
heart in hands
keep walking
honor the darkness and the light
because without the darkness I don’t see the light within and around me
And baby…I shine.