Artist Statement

2013-07-20 20.20.17-2smMy artistic passion started out when I was a little girl. I remember taking a lined piece of loose-leaf paper and a stubby pencil (or whatever I could get my hands on) and just started to draw and doodle. It was not just a way to pass the time, I enjoyed it. And that passion never changed. If anything, it has only deepened over the years.

Art emerges from the moment for me. Sometimes it has a conscious symbolic meaning, other times it’s an unconscious expression; by just letting my brush, my pencil become an extension of emotion or experience onto a canvas or a piece of paper – I feel most like myself.  Sometimes what emerges is a beautiful surprise or an unexpected discovery, but it is from the moment.  My work usually becomes a physical manifestation of what is happening in my life. It is the emotion, the conscious and unconscious collaboration of dreams, visions and spirit taking a journey. The art is my voice and expression.

I relish in creating works in mixed media because it reflects how diverse daily life is for me. From paintings using acrylics, to altering seemingly benign everyday objects, to creating collages that encompass several elements of different origins, different meanings and different compositions. When I create, and when it all clicks into place, it feels like the rest of the world dissolves away leaving the only thing in front of me: the artwork that I’m communicating through. My art is a life-long process, evolving alongside everyday life. It is my definition of where I am and what I’m feeling. Art is color, texture, and movement, but also it is about creation of that a moment of time, my passion, and my life.