Yes to this Moment




Mermaid on shore

Gazing at the blue green sea

Magic heals her

Spilling blessings ashore

Reminding her…

She is glorious

She is loved

She is enough


Today’s prompt from Liz’s Yes to this moment is stillness…and here I am standing on Old Fisherman’s Wharf  in Monterey Bay, California.  Just standing there looking into the ocean and breathing in and exhaling as I enjoy this moment and will remember it forever.


Inner Excavation – I begin

 2013darbycaseibeginie 2013darbycaseyinnercover

 I started doing the exercises in Inner Excavation more formally.  I read the book last summer and I did some of the tasks, but since I am really into creating in my art journal right now and poetry really has been a part of my life since the beginning of the year – I thought it was the perfect time to actually try to follow the book more formally. Last summer on the author’s website she did a follow-along while she worked through it too. She did videos to go along with reading the book so I am following those.

The top photo is of the start of a layout and the poetry task… “I begin…” and then the second photo is of the cover of the journal I am using. My sister Michelle has given me some AMAZING journals over the years and right now it seems most of the ones that are sitting empty are going to become art journals.  This one I love love the cover.  Love the colors and design, but I am still thinking of covering it up with something that fits the inside of the journal better.  I am going to wait until later to decide.


Winter’s Sacred Invitation

A couple weeks of ago I went along with Michael to a client’s home. They live right at the base of the Colorado Monument and it was just a beautiful winters day. I found it very inspiring and created this poem. 

Winter’s Sacred Invitation

Majestic red mountains cloaked in white rising to greet us

Snow shimmering like jewels lining our way

Bare branches waiting for a dance with Winter’s daughter

The icy breeze kissing our cheeks and fingertips

As tracks in the snow coax us forward

Winter’s sacred invitation laid before us