Preparing a Book

I had this sample cookbook sitting around so decided to start prepping it to be an art journal.

I have a stack of journals I am working in, but creating one from a book is always an adventure. I have a love hate relationship with the process, but in the end I am always pleased with the efforts.

I hope to document and share the process of this one here on my blog.


Art Journal Kickstarter

I am thrilled to be one of the contributing artists of Art Journal Kickstarter. I am honored to be a part of such a talented group of artists. The book is inspiring with all the delightful art. There are questions that each artist answers about the art piece.

I am not sure I can explain how it feels to see my work published. This is the fourth time and each time I get even more excited than the last. I was ripping the box open eager to see it. I made happy noises of delight seeing all the colorful images. It is a fun book that will inspire those that art journal or want too.

You can buy Art Journal Kickstarter on Amazon or at North Light Shop.


Hard Time

I haven’t created any art for almost a month. I am stuck and not sure how to get going again.

So last night I sat In front of my art journal and trying to figure it out…




Real life…walked away from my art journal for a bit last night to do a task that I do every Saturday night – washing water bottles. Sometimes these regular tasks can be comforting. Tonight this task was so nice. It was serene and meditative. It helped me hear what my mermaid was whispering in my ear.