Memory Jars


For Christmas 2011, I made probably about 24 Memory Jars. I have had really good feedback from everyone I gave them too. They all seem to love them and are enjoying capturing memories. The idea is taking little slips of paper and writing down a memory and stuffing them in the jar. At the end of the year, you and your loved ones pull them out to celebrate the end of the year and share in those moments were created throughout the year.

I found the idea on Pinterest, but it was just a plain jar with scraps of paper. I wanted it a little more personalized for the people I was giving them too. I looked through all my craft supplies and gathered paper, beads, stickers, tags, charms, ribbon, wire, clips, rubber stamps and anything else I could find for embellishments. I will say a scrapbooking roller adhesive saved me so much time and mess.

Before wrapping I took miniature clothes pins and clipped together a bunch of little slips of paper that said things like: enjoying life, memories, celebrating, today…, and then just little clip art of hearts, snowflakes, tropical drinks with umbrellas, sea shells and so on – so that memories could be wrote on them, folded and stuffed in the jar. I also clipped a little tag to a bundle of those slips that said:

The Memory Jar
A family gathering, an afternoon with a good friend, just a moment in the day that made you smile or feel good… memories that mean a great deal to us, but maybe get lost with the passage of time. The memory jar holds onto those memories for us. Throughout the year, write down just a few words about that special moment in time on a piece of paper and stick it in the jar. Then – this time next year – open the memory jar and pull out your special memories to enjoy with your loved ones.

You can download the slips and the tag that I used in my jars here: Memory Jar Slips and Memory Jar Tags

They are a fun gift to make – easy and inexpensive. Personalize like I did or just add a tag that says “2015.” Easy, but meaningful gift that you can give to family, friends, teachers, neighbors, and clergy.


52 Photos Project: Week 42


It was my birthday yesterday. So Michael suggested we go on a photography walk. One favorite spot in Grand Junction is an old cemetery. The trees right now with autumn here are so beautiful. I was reminiscing as 2 years ago, Michael bought me a new little point and shoot and I wanted to go take photos of fall leaves and there wasn’t any yet in Grand Junction on my birthday. This year we were lucky to catch them really at their peak in the season.
darbycaseybday1 darbycaseybday2 darbycaseybday3 darbycaseybday4


Movie Night

We had a little gathering of friends this weekend.   I did make your own pizza’s and then we watched a movie. We had a lovely evening laughing and just enjoying our time together.

For make your own pizza’s I had baskets with the crust – pita bread rounds and big hunk of French Bread. I then laid things out on the table so they could walk around and load their toppings. Sauces: Pesto, Alfredo, tomato. Seasonings: Penzey’s Pizza, red pepper and just basil. Meat: Pepperoni, Italian sausage, chicken. Veggies: garlic, black olives, sun dried tomatoes, regular tomatoes, sauteed bell peppers, mushrooms,  and onions.  Cheese: Provolone, mozzarella, colby jack and an asiago blend.  I had little bags of popcorn and then 3 or 4 seasonings to add to it for when we watched the movie.





11 Years Together

Many years ago a dear friend suggested that Michael and I would make a good pair. I am continually grateful to her as Michael is an amazing man – smart, kind-hearted, funny, creative, hard-working, and loving. Every day we do this thing called life together and I can’t imagine walking the path without him. We have had ups and downs, but we always know we will make it as we are in it together. I love you Michael and look forward to celebrating 11 years together today, but also each day with you!


M + D

Today is an anniversary of sorts – 10 years ago I moved from Ohio to Colorado to be with an amazing man that I love even more today than that snowy day in 2003. It was the best move ever.

* photo – I took up at Hays Falls when we were there recently.