Best Day 2015



12 Years

I am staying up late to do a little project for my love. Tomorrow is our 12th Anniversary.

I took 12 cards from the Midnight Project Life core kit and put quotes and little notes on them. It is just a little gift for the man I love.

I am blessed to be with an amazing man who…. likes long drives just to go watch the sunset in a favorite spot, suggests poetry dates, sees the world in such a clever and compassionate way, makes me laugh by singing Friends in Low Places in an Elmer Fudd voice, supports me in my creative path even when it mean we have art supplies spread throughout the house, enjoys spending Friday nights at home snuggled up on the couch, watching movies. And the list could go on and on… But mostly I am thankful he chooses me each and everyday in little ordinary daily moments and during the struggles life has given us. I love him dearly and look forward to the next 12 and the next.


Catching Fire

Yesterday Michael and I were out to eat. While we were waiting for our food, a woman and a young girl were sat near us. The young girl took out the book Catching Fire to read while waiting for their food. I saw her and exclaimed to Michael that I thought the DVD for Catching Fire was released. He replied, “No, I think it is next week.” I took out my iPhone and went to my Target app to see if it had Catching Fire in the ad. It did and showed it came out March 7th – that day this happened. Michael sighed and pulled the phone out of my hand and turned it off. He then expressed, he was planning on going to pick it up after his afternoon meeting and Chinese take out as a surprise for me. Now all because a teenage girl sat down across from us and started reading Catching Fire the surprise was ruined. But the thought was there and we had a nice Friday evening watching Hunger Games and Catching Fire back to back while enjoying Chinese take-out. Thankful for having such a great guy that thinks of surprising me out of the blue and for no reason, but to see me smile.


11 Years Together

Many years ago a dear friend suggested that Michael and I would make a good pair. I am continually grateful to her as Michael is an amazing man – smart, kind-hearted, funny, creative, hard-working, and loving. Every day we do this thing called life together and I can’t imagine walking the path without him. We have had ups and downs, but we always know we will make it as we are in it together. I love you Michael and look forward to celebrating 11 years together today, but also each day with you!