Inspiration Ripples

I have been following Humans of New York from almost his first moments of posting. The photographs and the stories he shares are incredibly insightful and inspirational. HONY(Humans of New York) has become almost daily topic between Michael and I was we talk about the stories. Stories matter. Michael’s work the stories matter. Just everyday daily life creates stories and those stories matter. My story matters. Your story matters. I am thankful for Brandon of HONY for sharing stories.

Right now he has been working on one story basically that is made up of lots of little stories within the big story. He took a picture of a young man and where the young man told his story about his school. From there the school has become the focus and Brandon has raised money for the school to help kids see beyond their neighbourhood. It is a completely inspirational story.  I am linking to the first photo that started it, but be sure to check his archives and see how that story sparked more stories one even where that boy met President Obama.  In just over a month Brandon spread the story of a school that has had me cheering and crying….feeling sympathy and joy and a host of other emotions. HONY shows that stories matter. Makes us all human. Not just faceless strangers we pass by everyday.  HONY’s photographs and stories provide me with inspiration.


S.C Lourie of Butterflies and Pepples posts wonderfully inspiring poetry.


Inspiration Ripple


I am going to be make this a regular part of my blog: Inspiration Ripple and have it once or twice a month. I love when I come across good things other people share so I want to pass it on too. My first thing to share is the black marker that wrote on the piece above.

Sharpie Professional – I picked this up at Home Depot, but what caught my eye was the package. It is blurry above as I forgot to take a photo of it before taking it out of the package. It says it marks on oily or wet surfaces. I am so impatient when it comes to writing on paint. I have ruined so many pens and markers that way. Well, I can tell you this one writes on wet paint! Yay! It wrote on that top piece when the paint was slightly wet still. I tried using it over oil pastels and it wrote, but not as well as it did on wet surfaces.  It isn’t a fine point, but it is easy to write with on rough surfaces as I had texture to the paint.  I am going to have to buy a few more as I see myself going through them quickly.  I can’t remember the price on them, but I believe it was under $2 which is nice in comparison to some of the Sharpie brand markers.  I have always wanted to try their Paint markers, but they range from $3 to $5 each.  This is a nice alternative for now.



Art of Everyday Photography – A book by Susan Tuttle. Susan takes amazing photographs and is a great teacher. I have a photograph in it so I am especially excited about this book by Susan.


wish list: inhale love exhale peace necklace from Liz Lamoreux



Fall Intensive Class – Kathie has always been my go to guide (read expert) on Homespun Seasonal Living. I took Kathie’s summer class and it was so inspiring and informative. Kathie is knowledgeable and open in teaching people to connect with the seasons. I am not really what I would call an outdoorsy person, but I do like to connect to nature and the cycles of each season so Kathie’s class was perfect for me as she taught me more ways to infuse the summer season into my daily life. I believe all levels of knowledge and interest would find Kathie’s seasonal intensive classes encouraging as well as useful in connecting with the season and making it a daily lifestyle.

Music:  U2’s new album that they released for free on iTunes.