Bloom True Boot Camp



Flora Bowley is having a  Bloom True Boot Camp.  It is a month of prompts to get ready for her Bloom True e-Course.  I enjoy her art, book, and just outlook on life is so inspiring so when I saw her Boot Camp, I decided to jump in and try the prompts.

From her website about the boot camp: “I created Bloom True Boot Camp to support, guide, inspire and ultimately kick your creative habit into high gear — or at least get you moving in the right direction!

Bloom True Boot Camp is the perfect way to get ready for the October session of my Bloom True E-Course. It’s also a great way to get a taste of the Bloom True experience if you’ve ever been curious about taking one of my courses. For all you veteran Bloomers out there, I hope Bloom True Boot Camp continues to inspire you on your path of free creative expression and personal transformation.”

You can see all my Boot Camp photographs/work  HERE.


Building Patterns and Lines


The photo left and below are a building on the Denver Art Museum campus. When in the big city I love all the lines and texture of the buildings. I always think of not it for art…the diagonal of the lines next to the lines in the windows create patterns and shapes that could be pulled into an art piece.


darbycaseydenThe Denver Public Library is a favorite building in Denver. I love the shapes and against the pillars of the Supreme Court building makes me swoon.

darbycaseyden2Looking at lines, shapes and patterns…the grating, the round pillar, the round drain, the reflections, the lines is the window frame over it all. Creating great shapes and patterns. always think of not it for art…the diagonal of the lines next to the lines in the windows create patterns and shapes.


Be Your Own Beloved


When I got my iPhone last year, I started following Vivienne McMaster on instagram.  She is the creator and teacher of the e-course Be Your Own Beloved. From the first moments of seeing her photos and hearing about her class – I knew I wanted to take it at some point. I have learned so much  just by following her on Instagram and reading her blog.  I have learned to start seeing myself differently.  I knew I had much more to learn. So when the chance came up that I could take her next session – I jumped on it.  Starting February 1st I will be taking Be Your Own Beloved. I am looking forward to it and can’t wait to learn and grow. I need to talk to myself with kindness and see myself with compassion.

Be Your Own Beloved from Vivienne McMaster on Vimeo.


Brene Brown e-Course

Oprah is teaming up with Brene Brown to bring her Gifts of Imperfection to an eCourse.  I would love to take this class, but know that it won’t be the right time for me.  But have to pass it on as it is so exciting and since I saw Kelly Rae Roberts and Ali Edwards went to Texas to see Brene – I am sure they are going to do segments in the class which would be fabulous addition to the Gift of Imperfection.