Real life…walked away from my art journal for a bit last night to do a task that I do every Saturday night – washing water bottles. Sometimes these regular tasks can be comforting. Tonight this task was so nice. It was serene and meditative. It helped me hear what my mermaid was whispering in my ear.



Mermaid Calling

Work in progress… I have added some purple and red to the white bits of the background paper peeking out. Added more purple to her tail, but having problems seeing where to go with it further. Just kind of loving her and don’t want to detract from her. So maybe a quote or words on right page and call it good. It is the last spread in this art journal so maybe why I am having troubling letting move on.



Intuitive Wandering


Last night I started these art journal pages. I smeared 8 different colors on the page with an old credit card and my fingers. I rarely use a brush these days, but I love using my fingers instead.  I usually do 2 or 3 colors on a page, but yesterday’s prompt was disruption.  So I disrupted my art routine by using 8 colors.

After I painting the bright colors,  I doodled and scribbled with black ink to make marks across both pages.  It was mostly just feeling the emotions of the day as it was a long hard day.  I just marked and marked getting the day out and with each mark – I released the emotions. I let it sit there for a bit. Letting everything release. I then finger painted the white paint all over – only leaving  some circles of bright color and doodles exposed.

Today I was thinking about the pages as I went about my day – cleaning house and running errands. I  was  wondering what I should do it it next.  I thought  all these different ideas….wondering which of them I should do….journaling of the yesterday’s events all over the white?  Writing a big quote across it?  Adding some color back to the white? Zentangle on the white?  Covering it all up with one solid bright color?  But while thinking of all these ideas and several others – I kept having another art journal page I did last year come to my mind.  This one…

Falling Flowers

Falling Flowers

So I trusted my intuition and worked the journal pages with doodled circles around the exposed colorful areas just as I did with the above piece.  It felt really good after I was done with it this evening.