Hold On


darbycaseyholdonbgI have Rheumatoid Arthritis in my right hip, Degenerative Disc Disease on my last 2 vertebra and those vertebra are also pinching a nerves.  Some days the pain is more than I can handle so I end up in bed all day.  We were out doing some errands and in the middle of Best Buy – the pain flared so badly I thought I was going to faint. I grew extremely dizzy and the whole store tipped sideways. Luckily Michael was standing right next to me so I grabbed his arm and instantly he knew something was wrong and grabbed me.

When we arrived home, I couldn’t hardly move. Walking was sending spikes of pain through my back and down my leg. My hip was hot to the touch so it was flaring too.  I ended up in bed and all I could think of was just hold on – hold on and let this pass tomorrow will be better.

I created the photo because at least I have my iPhone and photography to play with when in that much pain.  I took that photo on the way Boise, ID in May. I used Snapseed app to edit it.  It was Vintage Style number 7 and then added the words in Over.  I am hoping I get to sit at my art table a little later tonight so that I can at least get this pain out in an art journal.