Yes to this Moment




Mermaid on shore

Gazing at the blue green sea

Magic heals her

Spilling blessings ashore

Reminding her…

She is glorious

She is loved

She is enough


Today’s prompt from Liz’s Yes to this moment is stillness…and here I am standing on Old Fisherman’s Wharf  in Monterey Bay, California.  Just standing there looking into the ocean and breathing in and exhaling as I enjoy this moment and will remember it forever.




Today’s prompt for Bloom True Boot Camp is Play!   I played!  Playing by pulling out an art journal and also a little notebook that I use to write poetry.  I played with images, paint, oil pastels, and words tonight. I let them cover my hands and swirl around in my brain, filling me with light.  I might share the poetry later, but here is one line from it….”Bravery paints her Soul.”