Inner Excavation – I begin

 2013darbycaseibeginie 2013darbycaseyinnercover

 I started doing the exercises in Inner Excavation more formally.  I read the book last summer and I did some of the tasks, but since I am really into creating in my art journal right now and poetry really has been a part of my life since the beginning of the year – I thought it was the perfect time to actually try to follow the book more formally. Last summer on the author’s website she did a follow-along while she worked through it too. She did videos to go along with reading the book so I am following those.

The top photo is of the start of a layout and the poetry task… “I begin…” and then the second photo is of the cover of the journal I am using. My sister Michelle has given me some AMAZING journals over the years and right now it seems most of the ones that are sitting empty are going to become art journals.  This one I love love the cover.  Love the colors and design, but I am still thinking of covering it up with something that fits the inside of the journal better.  I am going to wait until later to decide.



From the Poem Boston by Samantha Reynolds

“without the triumph they deserved

without the simplicity of tomorrow

without the trust that a sidewalk

won’t rupture and swallow them again”

The poem says what I had been thinking and feeling as I listened to the news yesterday.


Sarah Kay

I love TED…as I always discover talented, brilliant, amazing people through it.  Sarah Kay does two poems and both have that element I love about poetry….connection.  You hear a line and it says “you are not alone.”    I am not sure I could ever do spoken word poetry, but I love it and love how it makes me feel…even when it is sad.  Again it is feeling that connection.


National Poetry Month

National Poetry Month in April. Now that I am writing poetry – I read more of it too. I find out more about it and never would I have known it was National Poetry Month without it now being a passion.  So in the month of April going to be sharing links, bits and pieces and videos to some Poets I have discovered with my Poem Crazy Passion.

A few weeks ago I discovered Shane Koyczan.  He was on TED to do this poem about bullying. It is called To This Day and it is intense and amazing.  I cry every time I watch it.