Happy Notes


Flora Bowley ‘s prompt for #bloomtruebootcamp yesterday was Art Abandonment and before I was even past the first paragraph of her explaining it – I was recalling the happy notes Michael and I have planted around town a few times.   I knew that is what I wanted to do for this prompt. Michael and I went to Denver for the day so I knew I didn’t have time to do art and leave it, but the notes would be perfect.

I took a handful of Project Life cards and decided to use them for my notes.  Many #projectlife cards have designs or sayings on one side and lines for journaling on the other.  I scribbled things like “enjoy your life. every minutes of it.” “Hello beautiful soul. Have a good weekend.”  “You are amazing. Smile.”  Every place we stopped from Denver back to Grand Junction, I left a little note.




Cards in photos are are from We R Memory Keeper’s Chalkboard kit and Captured kit and the one with the yellow hearts in the first photo is from Becky Higgin’s Project Life Midnight Core Kit.


Apps I use for Project Life


I started doing Project Life this year. I have been using my phone as my main source of photos, but also helping me organize memories to use for Project Life. I use several apps on my iPhone.  I will do links to all the apps at the end of the post.

The one I use the most is Momento to do journal entries. It allows me to add photos so that I can pair my thoughts with the photos and use as a reference for when doing PL layouts. I like that it will grab my Facebook status’ and Instagram photos also so I can refer back to those if needed.

Photo editing PL photos I mostly use PicTapGo and Snapseed. Although I have a ton of photo editing apps – for PL I usually don’t want artsy photos. At times I will add some of my photos I edit that look old or distressed, but mostly I like bright clear photos for memory keeping. I have only added words to photos a few times digitally with apps. Otherwise I hand write or use stickers and embellishments after to add words to photos. But if adding words digitally I use Over and a beautiful mess apps.

Picstich I use quite a lot before ordering photos. I like because I can create photo collages. I use mostly 2 3×4’s on a 4×6 collage. But sometimes use it to make 4 images on a 4×6. So that I can trim the down and use on journaling cards in PL. 
Store apps is Michael’s for their ad and coupons.  I haven’t shopped at JoAnn’s yet for PL, but will download there app of needed. 
I have been using Shutterfly for ordering photos.  Only when they have their deals – usually 100 photos for the cost of shipping. Otherwise I go into Sam’s with a jump drive to print photos. But quite a few people talk about Walgreens app and prices so might check that out when printing July pictures. 

Many PL’ers use the Collect app and I do too. But I haven’t used it how most PL’ers do. They use it because you can journal right there and it prints out like the look of a Polaroid, but with journaling on the wide white band at the bottom.  I might try it after I try out Notica that had the same look, but with a handwriting font. I like Collect for the monthly view of photos. I like seeing if I am taking photos everyday. I also am going to start printing out the monthly calendar to use in my album. I am thinking of printing them on a 8×10 as Sam’s doesn’t do 12×12. 

I use my phone for most of my computer needs these days and I think it helped me take the plunge into Project Life as the apps have made it easy to edit and organize my family memories. 


No More Camera

My camera has went out on my phone.  It is like a part of me is gone too. I guess I didn’t realize how often I use my phone camera every single day. When I said that to Michael and my friend Wendy – they both looked at me like “you are kidding” as they see me use my camera.  I went back to look I thought maybe on average 10 photos a day on a normal day. If we are traveling, doing anything special like going to First Friday’s then I will take 100 to 300 photos a day.  But really that is doubled.  Just a normal everyday with chores and work, I take 20 photos.  When it is an event like a day trip it is more like 500 photos.  Right now I am not sure the options for getting it fixed/replaced. So it might be a while before I get a working phone camera again. I told Michael I already know what my Project Life will look like. Black cards and on the middle of the page NO CAMERA with a frowny face and a tear. Because I really am sad to be without my camera.  It is like my art now…I can’t not do it. I need to express myself through photos. So crossing my fingers we will figure out the options for it soon.