Studio Table: The Reveal


Earlier this summer, I totally cleared out my studio and started the process of purging, rearranging and reorganizing. Well, unfortunately I didn’t get it done before having several big things come up on my calendar that took me away from it. So I just got back to it last week. I am still not done, but honestly right now my table is the most organized it has been in quite a long time. Seth Apter is doing a day to celebrate our studio tables. Wrecked and messy. Mine is slightly messy, but honestly it is more wrecked in reality. So I have it on my calendar to revisit this in a month and see if it is more messy. But for now the above photograph is the current state of my studio table.

Starting at the top middle of the photo and working around kind of  clockwise…

* a little Art Nouveau book shelf that holds art journals, a tool kit, and accordion envelopes for ephemera (just the little bits – I have large pages and bits in boxes and bigger files on the shelving unit and on the floor by my table)

*pink and purple mini lunch box with oil pastels

* 4 tier lazy susan type organizer – picked it up at Harbor Freight and my studio mate put it together for me.  It is fairly empty right now, but I am sure will be overflowing with supplies soon

* My mandala is leaning against a black long pencil box that has pencils, pens and markers in them. On top of it barely seen is a pencil older that has scissors, and tools to make marks on paper with like a stick, an awl, chopsticks and such. Next to it unseen is a mug with micky mouse logo on it filled with glue sticks

* a pad of mini post-it notes

* 3 little owls – middle one has paperclips, little one is empty at this moment. Big one has blades for Xacto knife, needles, blade for paper cutter, a little container of stick pins…basically if it is sharp it is in there

* 2 colorful mugs that I painted and doodled on – I use them for water with paints.  One right now houses 3 little spray bottles of paint

* in front of those is the last thing I worked on and was letting ink dry.  I have a container of Golden’s gel medium sitting on it to hold it open.  Next to the journal is markers, pens, glue stick.  Under journal I have a plastic cutting board to catch paint and glue.  I have several and will wipe them down and route them out while one dries.

* stack of Vogue pages that I want to use in an art journal

* box of paints. White paint is the only one up right as I use it all the freakin time so it is in a bigger bottle that I refill constantly. On top of the paint you can see a corner of a Raven that I will blog about soon. It is a totem that I made for a friend.