I love the idea of packaging gifts in unique pretty ways. My problem is often I am rushed and don’t get time to package things exactly how I wish. I try often though. And all these beautiful examples give me inspiration to try more often.

1. From Martha Stewart – using black and white images as gift toppers I think is such a great idea.

2. From Nice Package Blog – which is one of my favorite blogs! They used to be a shop when they first started the blog but sadly aren’t anymore. But they do showcase and have several tutorials on gift wrapping ideas to make the package very pretty. The flower in the image is one of their tutorials. It is made from wax paper.

3. From – This is a package of bread wrapped in saran but then set in coffee filters and wrapped with a ribbon. How easy!

4. From Martha Stewart – I like the linen with the frayed edges.

5. From Sweet Paul Magazine – Gifts wrapped in craft paper and then the toppers are buttons on wire, yarn pom-pom and vintage hat ornament glued on the package

6. From Nice Package Blog – paper pom poms tutorial


Just a little about me…

 I like to wear skirts.

I have always been a girly girl. Even as a little girl I liked to dress up. When I lived in Cleveland, I dressed up quite a lot. I had girls nights out, dates and just time out with friends. So I got in the habit of wearing skirts and dresses. And I liked it. It just makes me feel good to wear them. I feel more feminine and pretty. And now to this point in my life, I don’t even own very many pairs of pants. Just a couple of pairs and then few pairs of lounge pants.

I like to being barefooted. 

I like socks as I said in another post. And I love shoes (have more then my closet can handle). But ultimately I come in the door and I kick off my shoes. I like to be at home barefoot. When fall arrives, I love the cool crispness that allows for sweaters and warm socks. But I also get sad because I can’t just be barefoot as much.


What I love to Do…

Over at Operation Nice she did a doodle of all the things she loves to do so I decided to list them for now but would like to do this in my art journal as well…

Things I love to do….

Create art
send out mail love
create graphics
listen to music
go to concerts
talk with friends
people watch
watch movies
listen to the rain
collect quotes
be of service and help others
go to museums
drink tea
take day trips with Michael
take photos
learn new things
collect images that inspire me


Window Shopping

Tweak Boutique – Love the Asymmetrical Necklace and the Duet. I really think the “hoot” owl earrings are so cute but I just can’t wear earring anymore

Meme Craftworks – I am sure I don’t sew well enough to make it but it is really cute

Tape Swell – I love some of their tapes. But what I don’t get is why you save buying 2 individual tapes instead of buying the combo packs. You can get 2 individual tapes for $14.00 or a combo pack for $20



I found this really cool GREEN shop with very eclectic items and it is hard to find something I don’t like. The photo is from website when I looked at it before I left for North Carolina but now of course this item is gone and it was on clearance.

The shop is Viva Terra.