Yes to This Moment



I am saying yes to…

* honoring who I am

* my art

* time to laugh and talk in bed with my love right before we go to sleep

*  music in my studio instead of tv

* giving myself self-care

* letting go of things that aren’t really a priority

* letting go of not being able to do it all

* stickers to put on mail love

* a glass of wine with dinner tonight

* wearing my joy

* holding my hand to my heart and honoring friends and family in love and light






I moved to Colorado quite a long time ago from Cleveland, Ohio. I had a tribe there – a group of friends that I had real connection.  When I moved here, I became more shy and introverted then ever before (although I have been both of these all my life).  I have found some good friends now in Colorado, but it has taken me a long time to open myself enough for it.

It often starts with me being more compassionate towards myself.   In this art journal layout the image at the top is me.  So working on cultivating compassion towards myself so I can continue to reach out and find those connection that really are necessary to being.





Yesterday and today’s prompt combined.  Yesterday’s was rest and today’s is to getting back to my body and heart and getting out of my head.  I have a cold starting and Michael and I are gearing up for our second California trip so I need to get healthy.  So taking it easy.